A crane calamity at 38th St. and Madison Ave. injured couple from L.I.

Front part of a crashed car wreck

A Long Island couple was appreciative to be alive after their auto was pulverized with them inside Sunday by falling trash brought on by a Midtown, Manhattan crane catastrophe.

Priscilla and Gregory Welch had quite recently dropped off their daughter at work at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Ave. what’s more, 38th St. at 10:43 a.m. when they crashed into a storm of glass, metal and pieces of cement.

Front part of a crashed car wreck

“I was just waiting to be crushed to death,” a shaken Priscilla Welch, 49, told the Daily News.

The Elmont lady was in the driver’s seat of the dark Mazda CX7 and knew she and her spouse were into a bad situation when she turned onto Madison Ave. from 38th St. furthermore, saw a development laborer mouthing “Watch out!”

“Before I knew it, everything started crashing. The car started shaking,” said Priscilla Welch. “I told my husband, just get down and we got as low as we could. It felt like it was coming at us at over 100 miles per hour. It was coming from all directions, I couldn’t tell if it was from right from left.”

Front part of a crashed car wreck

Workers were lifting a mechanical estimated aeration and cooling system to the highest point of a Madison Ave. high rise when it slipped from a crane derrick and came smashing down and shearing off the side of the building.

Priscilla said a lump of flotsam and jetsam the measure of a stone hit the back of their auto where their little girl had been sitting 30 seconds before.

“I tried to continue to drive to get away from it as far as we could,” she said.

She furrowed into flame hydrant, creating her airbag convey in her face.

“The car started smoking so we thought it was going to blow up,” Priscilla said. “But I didn’t know if we could get out but we had to.”

At the point when Gregory, 51, couldn’t get out his side, he and Priscilla got away through the driver’s side entryway.

“We just started running,” Priscilla said. “We just left everything. It was like the sky was falling, we didn’t know where it was coming from.”

She endured minor neck and shoulder wounds from the airbag sending, and Gregory Welch had cuts and wounds. They were both flabbergasted they weren’t truly harmed.

“It’s like we had an invisible shield over us,” Priscilla said after being released from New York University Medical Center. “Thank God that’s what was around us.

“It’s overwhelming,” she said. “I just keep reliving it over and over again. It was surreal.”


3 Photos of the A crane calamity at 38th St. and Madison Ave. injured couple from L.I.

Front part of a crashed car wreckFront part of a crashed car wreck

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