About Us

About Us

A new blog DigiDadi.com is ready to deliver up to date information about news stories in America and around the world. Readers can catch updates on celebrity stories and releases that capture the imagination for everyone involved. Blog posts spur on discussion, poll questions and generate interest in new topics unseen by those interested. A running header will keep people interested in a series of stories that capture the imagination.
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The domain name DigiDadi.com is easy to remember. Our blog is actually dedicated to real life stories that appeal to modern readers. Long time fans of blog posts understand that active participation is important to build on a new community. Fans are working to update these reports and understand how some options should best be followed. It is difficult to track news stories in real time, given the speed of breaking developments.
“The purpose of collecting so much information can only be power.”
― Nick Drake, Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead
Cultivars of the site have begun with a quote by Nick Drake. It reminds people that information is power and has helped new arrivals learn more about the ethos of the site. Content writers are kept in the loop and in the discussion when any major news story breaks online. The website owners are dedicated to telling stories from an individual perspective. They put the focus on people who might not otherwise count in a world driven by major headlines.
“Who reads the fucking papers? News is free on the internet.”
― Jonathan Maberry, Dead of Night
Securing a new lease on internet information has been a guiding light for many readers. The blog at DigiDadi.com is backing the idea that information should be readily available for all those that may be interested. Also the readers can tell their own opinion about hot news. A news report is hard to come by during the middle of the week. By tapping in to DigiDadi.com, readers will get information updated to them in the moment.
New listings are in the books for those who want to comment on posts. Active participation is a must, keeping people up to date and well informed. Free discussion is brought to a forefront when people sign in to DigiDadi.com.
Readers may form bonds and discuss important information that will give them a renewed outlook on life. There are some stories that may simply spark a new discussion and keep people engaged for quite some time to come. New updates in real time are given to those who want to book a new listing at will. If you don’t have time to participate in discussion you can answer our poll’s question which added to any news.

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Our Writers:

Taylor Winter was born and raised in the unforgiving New York State north. Currently she lives with her husband and children in Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from The University of Windsor, and a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University. Taylor is the writer and editor of DigiDagi.com Hot News blog. Her work has appeared in The Writer magazine, Best of the Sand Hill Review, and others. She like to share her opinion with the Digidagi.com New blog’s visitors.

I’m Susan Corn. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I believe Ankala V Subbarao said: “Processed data is information. Processed information is knowledge. Processed knowledge is Wisdom”. I live in Orlando, Florida. I work with many companies of US and the world. I have a BS degree in journalism of Southern New Hampshire University. My education combined with my real-world experience give me the ability to write for all types of businesses from hospitality to high-tech, professional service to non-profit.
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