Ant-Man First Impressions

Ant Man

Okay so the newest addition the great Marvel empire and their great list of movies is Ant-Man. When I first heard about this my first thought was “who is Ant-Man?” I actually had to ask my father about this. He told me that it’s a character from the old comics and that he hadn’t heard the name in a long time, he explained that it was a superhero from the Marvel comics that could shrink to the size of an ant but had great strength. So in all honesty i’m actually interested at this point.

The face of Ant-Man is Paul Rudd so there seems as if there will be a comedic perspective for this film, which there normally is in Marvel. However with using actors such as Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy not only bring a comedic value but can bring a very serious tone, which makes these marvel movies amazing!

Ant Man

Now let’s talk visual effects. In the original trailer when I saw Ant-Man shrink I could not believe how well done this was. Though what needed to be done I believe is to show off Ant-Man’s uniqueness because that is what sets him apart from every other character in Marvel’s great arsenal of super heroes.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens!

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What are your first impressions of Marvel’s Ant-Man?

Ant Man


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Ant Man

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