Banned Movies

The Texas Chainsaw

When it comes to movies we all love them but why have so many been banned over the years? But no matter the reason there are many movies which can now be found surprising due to many of these movies are some of the most popular movies today.

To start off with we can go to Texas Chainsaw Massacre which now led to many movies and a huge franchise based upon it but that wasn’t so when it first came out.



When the popular movie first came out it was banned in several countries and was removed in many others due to audience complaints as it didn’t go down very well. But to move on there is a movie that is a bit more surprising to be on that list and that is E.T that movie can’t be more family friendly right so why was it banned for kids under twelve in Sweden, Finland, and Norway?

Well at the time the Scandinavian authorities viewed the movie as telling kids that adults were their enemy and thus said they didn’t want it to be around impressionable minds. Furthermore down the list is natural born killers released in 1994 this movie about two killers is still not for the faint of heart but back when it first came out it went over like a ton of bricks as Ireland banned the movie and their was a delayed release in the UK and rated R in the US.

The Texas Chainsaw

This undated studio handout shows Elliott, played by Henry Thomas, his brother and friends riding as fast as they can from the police to get “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” back to the forest. Steven Spielberg’s 1982 “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” returns to theaters Friday, updated with a couple of previously unreleased scenes, visual enhancements, improved sound and excisions that have annoyed some purists who dislike tampering with beloved films. (AP Photo/Bruce McBroom, Universal Studios Amblin Entertainment)

Then there is Monty pythons life of Brian which is now widely viewed as a comedy but because of its treatment towards Christianity it became banned in Britain, Ireland, and Norway but in the places that the movie did show it was condemned by religious leaders.

Another shocker is Ben Hur and many people agree what could be wrong with that right? Not so for China as the Chinese think that it has Christian propaganda and thus is illegal in the country. However as far as China goes its not the only movie banned as so was pirates of the Caribbean and so many more.

3 Photos of the Banned Movies

The Texas ChainsawE-TDistrict 9

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