Barbie Doll Sales Take a Big Dip

Barbie doll

According to Mattel’s latest statistics, sales numbers for the popular Barbie dolls have taken a big hit. In fact, the recent net income fell approximately $223.8 million in the first three months up to September; a sharp decline from $331.8 million roughly a year ago. In the meantime, Barbie sales fell approximately 4%.

Not only do these current numbers hurt Mattel, but they also hurt revenue from various markets overseas as well. The toy manufacturer’s chief executive, Christopher Sinclair, said the recent results were “broadly in line” with the company’s expectations.

Barbie doll

Mattel has been struggling ever since children began turning to electronic games as well as tablets. This is the 8th straight year that this 56-year-old company has been seeing sinking numbers in their Barbie doll sales.

“We’re very encouraged by the progress we are making on reenergizing the company,” Mr Sinclair said. “As we continue our turnaround efforts, we remain comfortable with our full-year outlook.”

Almost half of the company’s revenue came from various international markets last year and Mr. Sinclair expects the current dollar to remain headstrong–especially when it comes to continuing on marketing the Barbie dolls to children all across the world.

Barbie doll

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Barbie doll

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