Belgian Watchdog Runsdown Facebook for Invading User’s Privacy

Facebook privacy

Facebook is being sued by the Belgian Privacy Protection Commission over claims it tracks not only its users browsing habits, but even those who don’t have accounts with the social networking site. This direct attack follows month-long criticisms of Facebook’s privacy policies by PPC President Willem Debeuckelaere.

facebook privacy


In a statement, a spokeswoman for Facebook said they were “surprised and disappointed” at the actions taken by the PPC. Noting that they were due to meet in mediation to discuss the claims only one day later. The watchdog organization responded by stating Facebook had not provided satisfactory answers to the concerns raised and the legal action was an attempt to provide transparency.

The PPC has asked a Belgium judge to order a cease and desist on tracking any and all personal data of European citizens, which the Commission says is done through the use of cookies and plug-ins.

A statement from Facebook’s European headquarters indicated that the company found the claims to be baseless, but indicated continuing cooperation with any inquiries. The PPC’s jurisdiction in the matter is also being called into question since the social media website already regulates privacy policies through a similar 3rd-party organization in Ireland. Its also worthy to note most websites today use cookies and have for over 15 years.

Facebook privacy

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