Breath Easier with the Ultimate Players Addition of the ps4

ps4 games

Enter a new tier of gaming with the Playstation 4’s massive One 1TB hard drive. This July, Playstation will enter the Terra-age of gaming along with the XboxOne.

Pricing for this powerful machine should be around $399 with a NEW discounted price for the 500Gig model. This Ultimate Players Addition will be introduced In Europe and PAL pact country’s before shipping to the U.S. But don’t worry Americans, it should not be to much longer before it arrives on the shores of the red, white and blue! Just imagine doubling your storage space and digital library.

ps4 games

This mean’s more room for movies, music, and most importantly GAMES!

After all, who does not need a little more breathing room? Want to know what is even better than that? Loading speeds will be shorter than ever with the Ultimate Players Addition! With some title loading at least 17 seconds faster Per Load screen compared to the stock hard drive.

Besides more space, why not have more time too? To sweeten the deal even more, 14/16n hardware refreshes may sneak in this Christmas. Throttle through load screams, double your game library, stream quicker, listen clearer and become a part of the tier group of gaming. Who does not want to be a Ultimate Player? Unless you are tera-fide of what you will find or what you will become?

ps4 games

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ps4 games

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