Checkpoint Software Technologies Issues Worldwide Ransomware Alert

Checkpoint Software Technologies, of Tel Aviv, has issued a worldwide warning, that a Trojan, and a crypto-ransomware variant has been detected, which is wreaking havoc on computer systems, as well with the most talented Russian hackers. The software attacks computers, prohibiting the computer owner from accessing its files until a specified fee or ransom is paid to those, that are responsible for the seizure.

Checkpoint Software Technologies Malware Analyst, Natalia Kolesova commented on the newly-discovered strain, Troldash,

“While the most ransom-trojan attackers try to hide themselves and avoid any direct contact,” Ms. Kolesova remarked, “Troldesh’s creators provide their victims with an e-mail address. The attackers use this email correspondence to demand a ransom and dictate a payment method.” Natalia Kolesova further commented.

The Troldash ransomware is innocently disguised as a spam email, and when it is downloaded by an unsuspecting user, sets out to encrypt all files, leaving being a message, with a set of explicit instructions, for the user to follow.

In an attempt to identify the ransomware culprits, Natalia Kolesova, taking the identity of Olga, posed as the victim of a ransom attack, in response to a real attack that had occurred. They demanded roughly 250 euros. Sensing an automated reply mechanism, she continued with questions regarding the transfer of funds and asked for mercy regarding the hack. She received a response back, in Russian. Asking for 12,000 rubles. After pleading hardship, she engaged the hacker into a bargaining session. She commented, “Perhaps if I had continued bargaining, I could have gotten an even bigger discount.” Checkpoint Software Technologies terminated the conversation with the hacker and did not pay the ransom.

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