Chris Tucker: Problems Playing Well with Others?

Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith

Chris Tucker has made quite a success for himself playing characters that are part of a team. An inseparable friend to Craig (Ice Cube) in the movie Friday. A solid partner to Lee (Jackie Chan) in the Rush Hour franchise. Does it turn out that Chris Tucker is a team player only while in character?

Chris Tucker and Mother

Chris Tucker and Mother

In a shocking move by long time partner and comedian Terry Hodges, Chris Tucker and Netflix are being sued over Tucker’s newest comedy special — only days before its premiere release!

In a statement made by Hodges, Tucker owes him over $66,000 in unpaid work and fees he had accumulated due to extensive traveling during his work as editor and writer with Tucker on this project for which he has not been paid regularly since 2011! Further compounding the situation is Tucker’s refusal to credit Hodges as co-producer — a title that Hodges says he was promised.

Tucker’s attorney believes the case to be absurd and without merit — expecting the judge to dismiss the case entirely.

Chris Tucker and Mother

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What would be your advice to Chris Tucker?

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Chris Tucker and MotherChris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith

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