DxO ONE makes an iPhone equal to a DSLR?


The iPhone 6 camera is above average compared to most but it’s still not on par with a genuine digital camera. DxO is looking to bridge that gap with the ONE.

The DxO ONE is small camera that can be attached to the iPhone 6 to take high quality photographs. It can stop down to f/11 with shutter speeds from 1/8000 to 15 seconds. Modes include Auto, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority plus the standard presets. It offers 1080p video recording at 30fps and 720p at 120fps with image stabilization.


200 photos can be stored in JPEG, .DNG and SuperRAW formats with more available through a microSD UHS-I U3 card slot.

The device attaches through a lightning connector with downloads to allow external access to the camera controls.

The DxO ONE is also post compatible with a host of other iPhone products provided they at least run iOS 8.


The DxO ONE comes in at about $599, packed with features for such a small device. It can be ordered now though DxO won’t start shipping until September.

The potential for ease of access, with all your files available on the iPhone, could be enough to outweigh carrying around a DSLR camera.

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Would you consider buying a DxO ONE attachment for your iPhone in lieu of a more tradition camera?

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