Eagles Fans’ Request to Pope: Bless The Quarterback’s Knees

Pope Francis

A few Philadelphia Eagles fans are hoping for some divine intervention to put an end to their new quarterback’s knee injuries. A fan, identified as Pratik Patel of Audubon, PA, has started a petition on Change.org to “Have Pope Francis Rub Sam Bradfords (sic) Knees.” As of early afternoon Tuesday the petition, directed to the Eagles, the city of Philadelphia, and Temple University had 2000 signatures.

Bradford had a history of trouble with a torn ACL while with the St. Louis Rams. He injured the same knee twice in two seasons. The first injury in 2013 ended his season in the seventh game and the second injury forced him to miss the whole 2014 season. The eagles received him in a trade in March that netted the Rams Nick Foles and two draft picks

Sam Bradford

Pope Francis will visit Washington, New York, and the City of Brotherly Love in September. There is a potential problem with Patel’s request. The Eagles will play six games before the Pope’s visit, and they will be on the road while he is in town.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis will visit Washington, New York and Philadelphia in late September 2015

“The Pope is coming to Philly! Our city! With this Eagles season coming up, a lot of our Super Bowl hopes rely on Sam Bradford’s knees staying healthy. So, with one of the most religious representatives in the world visiting our wonderful place we call home, how about we get him to bless Bradford’s knees during his visit to Philly! This town deserves a Super Bowl, and a healthy Bradford is the only way we will have a parade down Broad Street! Please sign this petition and Go Eagles and Welcome to Philly, Pope Francis!!!!”

Pope Francis

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