Facegloria like Facebook but sin free


While political correctness sweeps the world, one group has taken a stance in regard to their beliefs. Facegloria is a social media website not unlike Facebook; however, it celebrates Christianity.

Cursing and pornography are banned. With minimal funding, the founders have managed to attract over 100,000 users while resonating with an audience weary of the perceived filth prevalent on the internet. Instead of hitting a ‘like’ button as one would do on Facebook, you can choose to like the comment or post by clicking on an ‘Amen’ button instead.


Questions remain as to how much policing Facegloria will do. How far will they take it? With the site developed in Brazil and currently only in Portuguese, it represents a primarily Catholic group of people.

What of the future?

Opinions are what make us different

How do you think Fangoria should address the future?


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