Goodell to Decide Brady’s Fate

Tom Brady- New England Patriots

The outcome of Tom Brady’s appeal during the hearing on Tuesday with Roger Goodell is unknown. Yet, the importance of this issue cannot be overstated. One might even claim that

“Deflate-gate” may rank up there with global warming. In fact, global warming—which might’ve impacted the pounds per square inch inside Brady’s footballs—may be used as a legitimate defense by the New England quarterback at his NFL court martial.

Tom Brady- New England Patriots

The two sides will meet for the hearing in a muffled conference room at the NFL’s headquarters. The hearing will have many guards to keep the media at length. In the end, it is likely that the historic hearing will remain largely in mystery.

Brady will have his agent, Don Yee, there to ego-stroke the quarterback during his testimony. Jeffry Kessler, Brady’s outside counsel, will likely be looking impatient and worried that the hearing may carry over into Thursday. The quarterback will also have several NFLPA attorneys, whose advice is likely to say nothing. NFLPA executive director, DeMaurice Smith, will also be on hand to inform the NFL that this matter is ridiculous and stupid.

In contrast, the league will likely be represented by a few in-house lawyers, its labor police vice president, its executive vice president, and, of course, the hearing officer: Goodell. Roger Goodell, the man who issued the initial four-game suspension, will be the judge that ultimately decides whether or not he made a terrible mistake with the initial judgement. If he is presented with sufficient new evidence, Goodell will have to acknowledge a foolish overreaction.

Tom Brady- New England Patriots

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Tom Brady- New England Patriots

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