Google Pulls Fake Undateable App form Playstore

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In a bold move Google has hose to remove a popular app Batterybot which was like Undatebable from it’s playstore. This app is one that contained a number of targeted texts and was one of the apps individuals regularly used. The app in question was something akin to updateable and was the baterypro bot which was an option that many people have used over time. Buyers are urged to be careful with apps. You always have to make certain that an app is real by looking at the publisher of the app in question This is one of the chief ways to tell.

This is one the options you need when looking at apps. Look at the permissions requested by the app if it requests more info that you want to share don’t share it. Installing a rogue app may deliver trouble and cause individuals to have their identity stolen…

Google Play

Google stated that a new OS, which is named Android M, would give users more control over the types of permissions they are willing to extend. These are the situations you need, and can use when looking for ways to make sure that you have the safety and consideration you need in apps.

Security expert Rik Ferguson has this advice How to keep your smartphone safe
• Always check the publisher of an app is who you expect it to be. A quick internet search should reveal if there’s a problem
• Check which permissions the app requests when you install it. If an app asks for more than you want to share, don’t install it
• Delete apps you no longer use. Attackers can get into your smartphone through poorly written apps, so the more you have the greater the risk
• If you think you’ve installed a rogue app contact your phone’s service provider

Fortunately, Google Play removed the fake batterybot when they became aware for what happened. Google chose not to comment on specific apps but it said it had a clear policy for developers.

Google Play

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