Lawsuit Might Be The Best Payout For ‘Nurse 3D’ Actress


Nurse 3D could easily be one of the worst movies of all time. It’s a slasher film that pits a murderous nurse against philandering men. The men always suffers horrible deaths, and the nurse always ends-up naked. If Paz De La Huerta wins her new lawsuit however, it could generate cash like no one expected.

Paz De La Huerta

LOS ANGELES – MAR 20: Paz De La Huerta at the Decades: Les Must De Moschino Event at Decades Boutique on March 20, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

Paz De La Huerta

During the movie’s filming, one of the scenes had an ambulance whisk-by De La Huerta’s character. Unfortunately, the ambulance hit her and caused a spinal fracture. She informed the producers that she was going to file a worker’s compensation claim. In what seems like some form of retribution, the director labeled her performance as atrocious. They then hired an even worse actress to make a voice-over of her entire performance.

Paz claims that her career is ruined. Her estimated earnings are about $2 million/yr. Including punitive damages, she purports that her losses could total more than $55 million. That’s a serious monetary exchange for an actress in a movie that only made $5,000 is opening weekend. De La Huerta’s lawsuit also would require the director to add her original voice track back into the movie. If Nurse 3D suddenly “explodes” at the box office, which is highly unlikely; she could end up losing big even with a court win.

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Regardless of the on-set accident, is Paz De La Huerta's case worth $55 million?

Paz De La Huerta

2 Photos of the Lawsuit Might Be The Best Payout For ‘Nurse 3D’ Actress

paz-de-la-huertaPaz De La Huerta

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