Madonna’s baby Lourdes – table manners?

Madonna’s 18-year-old daughter

Madonna’s 18 year old Lourdes Leon was in Miss Lily’s restaurant in the East Village this past week and demonstrated table manners clearly learned at home.

Lourdes and ‘friends’ arrived at 11pm on what our restaurant fly-on-the-wall tells us was “a very mellow night”. Normal time for Ciccone dinners? Must be, Madge previously visited the same restaurant at the same hour. Unlike her Rosé-sipping mom, Lourdes’ gang opted for beverages a bit more ‘chilly’ and we are told that “she went outside to take cigarette breaks pretty often.” When we asked a Miss Lily’s rep what Lourdes was actually drinking – they replied, “Out of respect for their privacy, we prefer not to comment about our restaurant guests.”

Madonna’s 18-year-old daughter

In June 2014, a then-17-year-old Lourdes blogged that she “may or may not have had some champagne” at her prom.” We doubt that this created any waves at home because in January 2014 Madonna posted a pic of her then-13-year-old son Rocco Ritchie holding a bottle of gin and wrote, “The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014.” Later claiming that he never really took a drink.
Miss Lily’s is located at 109 Avenue A at 7th Street which is a five minute walk from the E. 4th Street apartment where Madonna lived after moving from Michigan to New York in 1977. She would tote around a boom box through the East Village back in the day.

Before her visit to Miss Lily’s sporting a blond ‘do’ Lourdes was walking in the hood while holding hands with a mystery man. We are told her barely-there-jeans and half shirt showed her skivvies out on the town that night as well.

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Madonna’s 18-year-old daughter

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Does growing up in show business gives kids the right to act however they want?

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Madonna’s 18-year-old daughterMadonna

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