Miley Cyrus Dating A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

According to close friends of pop star Miley Cyrus, the wrecking ball is now dating Stella Maxwell, a Victoria’s Secret Angel. It is hard to tell which is more surprising; the fact that Cyrus landed an angel or the fact that she is dating a woman. Her friends say that she has been dating the model for just a short time but the way they interact with each other is more like a couple that has been together for awhile.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
A source stated that they seem very comfortable with each other and hold hands as they stroll through the streets. It seems they have been doing everything lately since they hooked up at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX. Apparently, Cyrus bounces back quickly as she had just broken up with Patrick Schwarzneggar around the same time.
Since the festival the two have been gracing each other’s Instagram on a fairly regular basis and during an interview they joked that they met through Grindr. Maxwell also stopped by to help Cyrus cope with the pain of wisdom teeth removal back in March.
At one point Cyrus was engaged to marry Liam Hemsworth, but a lot has changed since then.

In the past couple of months she has spent quite a bit of time talking about her open view towards sexuality and how she feels ambivalent towards her own gender identity. In an interview with Time she stated that she has had both girlfriends and boyfriends and then at other times just enjoyed being by herself without having to give away anything to anyone else. Cyrus added the option to be single is a new privilege open to women in modern times.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

In a different magazine Cyrus discussed coming out to her mother and telling her that she like both boys and girls. She said that she didn’t want to judge and even though it went against her beliefs her mother decided to accept her and believe in her.

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