Predator Gameplay Leaked for Mortal Kombat X


An extensive online leak has been noticed for Mortal Kombat X’s new character, Predator, Scheduled for release in July.

Screenshots and game play videos can be found on Youtube detailing the new character. This series of videos shows the character Predator, and long time character Jax duking it out with a few other characters. These videos show shots of finishers, combo’s, and other details from Mortal Kombat X’s newest addition to their roster.


Certain reddit users have compiled a few screenshots for Predator and Jax, viewable on their website. Predator is to be the 3rd DLC character released for Mortal Kombat X. The first two include Tanya and Jason Voorhees. These characters were mentioned to be released as well with a character known as Tremor.

These characters were confirmed to be made available individual and available as a bundle in the Kombat Pack. These DLC fighters could possibly make an appearance in the games challenge tower, making them available free of payment.

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1 Photos of the Predator Gameplay Leaked for Mortal Kombat X


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