Ryan Reynolds’ Full Self/Less Trailer

selfless movie

Damian, (portrayed by veteran actor Ben Kingsley) is old, but has everything. Wealth, power. Everything that a man could want – except that he is also dying of cancer. During a chance encounter, Damian meets Albright (Matthew Goode) who speaks to him about an amazing scientific advancement that would allow his consciousness to be removed from his dying body and placed within a much younger, healthier body (Ryan Reynolds). It is not until after the procedure that Damian learns the darkly origins of the new body.

The film’s extreme body swap concept may be extreme, but it promises many thrills and raises questions in the deeper mind of the viewer. The film could be compared to 1997’s Face/Off, which starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. The film does have a couple of plot holes, but if the viewer pushes past that, the movie can be an excellent experience.

selfless movie

Self/Less was written by David and Alex Pastor and directed by Tarsem Singh, who delivered the late 90s thriller, The Cell. The film co-stars Michelle Dockery, Derek Luke, and Natalie Martinez, in addition to Victor Garber.

Self/Less will arrive in theaters on July 31.

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selfless movie

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selfless movie

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