The functioning of Google Alphabet

Google Alphabet

Google has a new overseer, Alphabet Inc., and their productions are on the brink of science fiction. Google has gone beyond common applications of the everyday phone used by the masses today, the next step in revolutionary technology has arrived at the hands of the new umbrella corporation and th companies alongside it. Google Co founder Larry Page is the new Alphabet Inc. CEO. Its just a matter of time until the global community reaches jaw dropping Internet accessibility, thanks to Google X experimentation in high altitude drones that may provide Internet access to billions of people in previous technologically lacking areas of the globe.

Biotechnological company, Calico is run under Alphabet Inc., health and well-being is the number one interests of Calico, they wish to tackle the boundaries of aging and create longer healthier lives. Experts and scientists in the fields of medicine molecular biology and genetics have come together at Calico for research and development.

Google Alphabet

More research and development labs are under the clandestine Google X, where projects like the autonomous aircraft drones of high altitude that will expand worldwide Internet access are housed, and Project Wing which hopes to provide fast and direct airlifted products to customers via drone.

High flying ideas are the norm with Google and Alphabet, and they are slowly being revealed to the world as Alphabet is also being revealed to the world as an ultra expansive collection of highly innovative companies together with Google.

Nest Labs provide convenience and security in homes with their thermostat products that virtually power themselves and provide extreme efficiency. The intelligent home-ware of Nest monitors various factors of a home to provide outstanding modernity and energy efficiency. Nest founder and former Apple executive Tony Fadell bought the multi billion dollar company in 2014.

Google Alphabet

Google robotics are interested in the computational power of complex mechanisms and the practical non military use of robots with dexterity, speed, and agility. Military Robot makers Boston Dynamics was bought from Google in 2013 along with 8 other robotics companies and is the subsidiary of Google Inc, where the work on robots is manifested under the hands of high class engineers and scientists with remarkable goals towards these machines.

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Google Alphabet

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