The South Carolina man was charged with ill treatment of animals


William Leonard Dodson, 41, was captured and accused of sick treatment of creatures and torment after professedly taping a 15-month-old Chocolate Staffie blend’s mouth quiets for down to two days.


Chocolate Staffie

A South Carolina man has been accused of creature torment for professedly taping a puppies dog close, leaving veterinarians attempting to spare its tongue.

Police captured William Leonard Dodson, 41 regarding the terrible instance of creature savagery that stood out as truly newsworthy a week ago.

The North Charleston man was accused of sick treatment of creatures and torment for supposedly fixing a 15-month-old pooch named Caitlyn’s mouth close with electrical tape.

William Leonard Dodson


The Chocolate Staffie blend was kept in the excruciating position, with her tongue got between her teeth, for up to two days prior to she was found by a neighbor.

The benevolent and no doubt understood stray is enhancing, yet could at present lose her tongue and be for all time distorted in the wake of losing blood stream to her tongue, authorities said.

“Caitlyn keeps on recovering from her trial, yet she is still hospitalized,” the Charleston Animal Society said. “We have the best of trusts in this delightful young lady!”

The pup is back to eating “ordinary nourishment” and experienced a little surgery on her lip Sunday, yet authorities have not yet arranged an operation for her tongue.

“We are as yet holding up to perceive how well her body will recuperate all alone,” the creature society said.

Caitlyn had caught the country’s heart after her story became famous on-line. It incited the Humane Society of the United States to offer a $5,000 prize prompting a capture.

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