Theroux And Jennifer Aniston: The Hush, Hush Wedding


Theroux, star of HBO’S “The Leftovers,” returning ( Oct. 4th) said that his wedding to Jennifer Aniston was more stressful than usual. This was largely due to the paparazzi.

Despite rumors, Theroux stated that he and Jennifer Aniston have been happily married for 6 weeks. When we met Theroux at his pal’s restaurant in Soho, he said that he was heading back to Texas, to continue filming his HBO drama.


Today, he blends right in with downtown. Fashioning a fedora, a safety pin in his left ear, jeans and a dark T-shirt. Theroux claims that people recognize him now. So much, that he has been grabbed in public.

Theroux is back in HBO’S, “The Leftovers.”

He knows New York City, and remember’s it from the 90’s. He went from a basement apartment, where the 6 rumbled past, to Bel Air, and more recently Rome, filming “Zoolander 2,” alongside friend and co-writer, Ben Stiller.


He says that he is excited about “The Leftovers,” and can sympathize with his character. Talk of his character’s family in the show, leads to the question of him and Aniston having children.

Theroux simply smiled, as he took a long drink of water.

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