Tom Cruise Cruising For Love

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise hasn’t been away from Katie Holmes for very long, but there are rumors that he is going to be engaged to Tom Cruise Emily Thomas.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise at the Cameron Diaz Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony in front of the Egyptian Theater on June 22, 2009

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

This is a woman who is his assistant. However, when Cruise was walking on the red carpet while promoting Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, a reporter in the crowd could have offered some kind of spark. Her name is Jessica Cediel. When Cruise started talking to her, it soon led to flirting. She has went as far as to post a picture of her and Cruise in a flirtatious manner. The caption under the picture is in Spanish, but she is basically discussing the face that Cruise made when she showed him a commercial that she made for the movie.

What makes this situation odd is that Cediel recorded Cruise when he was laughing. Her current position is a TV host on Univision. The woman who Cruise is said to be dating has posted a picture on social media networks and made comments that she is not dating an actor. A few years ago, Cruise went on a date with a manager at a restaurant.

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Will Cruise Fall For One Person Again?

Tom Cruise

2 Photos of the Tom Cruise Cruising For Love

Katie Holmes and Tom CruiseTom Cruise

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