Tulane University Nicole Dukarm accidentally killed boyfriend

Tulane University

Tulane University Nicole Dukarm, a rising junior, was accused of careless manslaughter after incidentally shooting her sweetheart in the face, police said.

A New Orleans man get ready for a shoreline trek kicked the bucket Thursday after inadvertently getting shot in the face — supposedly by sweetheart, who at first told police he had done it without anyone else help.

Tulane University


Tulane University rising junior Nicole Dukarm, 20, cried in court as she was accused Friday of careless manslaughter for the demise of Alex Pryzybyl, her beau of two years, the New Orleans Advocate reported.

Pryzybl got shot around twelve Thursday at the couple’s home while a flat mate was likewise in the house, police said. He passed on at the scene.

Nicole Dukarm

At the point when officers arrived, Dukarm let them know her sweetheart had unintentionally pulled the trigger himself. Be that as it may, she later conceded that she had been playing with the firearm when it went off, and said she didn’t have any acquaintance with it was stacked.

Her lawyer, Fred King, said he supposes Dukarm’s starting lies sprang from her stun over the shooting.

“In what manner can anybody be more damaged than the circumstance she ended up in?” King asked in court, as indicated by the Advocate.

Lord included: “I can’t envision to a greater extent a disaster. How might it be able to be sadder? To be blamed for murdering somebody you adore.”

She and Pryzybyl were get ready for a shoreline visit together when the shooting happened, NOLA.com reported. It’s still obscure who claims the weapon, why Dukarm had it or in the event that they couple were contending when the deadly shot went off.

Dukarm, a Buffalo, N.Y. local, was considering general wellbeing on a grant at Tulane with arrangements to turn into a specialist. She is being hung on $ 50,000.

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