Vampire allegedly attacked her boyfriend


A northern Florida 26 yo woman who once professedly called herself a vampire before gnawing on an elderly man’s face is presently blamed for cutting and cutting her sweetheart with scissors, as per police.

Escambia County sheriff captured Josephine Smith, 26 of Pensacola after she supposedly assaulted her beau Earl Wynn amid a liquor energized contention.


Smith attempted to kick out the windows of the police cruiser and began jabbering about the murderous legendary animals again on the way to being occupied, Hobbs said.

Wynn educated that she was irate concerning being unemployed and had been utilizing the pair of scissors to adjust apparel before she betrayed him. He advised that he would not like to squeeze charges against Smith, who he said was essentially rationally sick and is “the sweetest individual I’ve ever met.”

State law, nonetheless, directs that aggressors in residential ill-use occurrences must be captured, paying little mind to the casualty’s wishes, Hobbs said. Smith is presently detained on lawful offense disturbed battery charges, as per area detainee records.

Josephine Smith already served six months after she supposedly struck a wheelchair-bound man in St. Petersburg in 2011. Milton Smith, 69, asserted Josephine Smith detached piece of his face and lips with her teeth subsequent to broadcasting herself a vampire on the patio of a deserted Hooters eatery.

Police discovered her at the scene half-bare and covered in blood, as per the paper. She pronounced not to recollect anything.

“She didn’t do anything incorrectly here,” Wynn told. “She simply needs mental help.”

Smith is being held on a $ 50,000 bond and she’s scheduled to appear in court.

2 Photos of the Vampire allegedly attacked her boyfriend


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