Vatican Tapes Revealed

The Vatican Tapes

The Vatican Tapes are finally going into production! This will be produced by Mark Neveldine and will be staring John Patrick Amedori, Michael Pena, Academy Award Nominee Djimon Houson and Peter Anderson.

Just a girl next door that no one had any idea what was about to happen. When Olivia Dudley who is playing the 27 year-old Angela Holmes becomes a danger to everyone around her Michael Pena who plays the priest steps in and finds out something very disturbing.

The Vatican Tapes

The girl next door is possessed and an exorcism should be performed but no one expected the evil they would find. The demon inside her is more evilly ancient Satanical that they ever could imagine.

The big question is how will Neveldine pull this off? Will we see original video footage or will it be a recreation of the event? Everyone will find out soon and it will be a spectacular addition to the theater showings!

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Do you believe there are possessed people that need an exorcism or are they just mentally ill people

The Vatican Tapes

1 Photos of the Vatican Tapes Revealed

The Vatican Tapes

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